APRO Announced micro USB Flash Disk Module
The most efficient NAND flash storages for Embedded Computing
Taipei Taiwan - June 09, 2009 - APRO, a leading and professional manufacturer of Industrial NAND Flash products, today announced micro USB flash disk module with three form-factors.

APRO micro USB flash disk module is an internal solution that attaches direct to a USB pin connector on motherboard. Coming in capacities of 128MB~8GB for horizontal type and 128MB~4GB for Vertical type, it improves the form-factor diversity and increase solutions of storage choosing. There are three solutions of APRO micro USB flash disk module for industrial embedded computing, including 2x5 2.54mm pitch pin connector horizontal type, 2x5 2.00mm horizontal type w/o casing and also 2x5 2.54mm pitch pin connector vertical type with casing.

Performing sequential read up to 32MB/sec (Dual channel) and with NAND Type SLC flash memory, APRO micro USB flash disk module disk provides with high reliability. It comes with standard temperature grade (0C ~+70C) and industrial temperature grade (-40C ~+85C) to fulfill various specialized applications in both normal and strict operating environments. Enclosure with Ready-boost-capable NAND flash for caching, APRO micro USB flash disk speeds up Windows Vista I/O performance.

Its USB interface takes less space and makes it ideal for use in thin clients, POS. data acquisition, automation, production machine control and many embedded systems providing only small rooms for storages. Compared with the conventional hard disk drive, it has additional benefits of low power consumption and silent operation. Small size and lightweight design make it suitable for a wide variety of USB interface applications.

"APRO micro USB flash disk module is one of the most favorable storage to be used in embedded computing systems which are often be settled into very harsh and unfriendly environments. With three solutions, high speed USB 2.0 interface and reliability of NAND SLC technology, we believe APRO micro USB flash disk module will soon make a breakthrough in industrial embedded computing field", said Andy Lin, Marketing Manager from APRO.

APRO products are designed and manufactured at ARRO headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan, and are delivered with a three-year warranty for standard temperature products and a five-year for wide temperature. APRO sells its flash products both to distributors and OEM customers worldwide.


¡ESLC-NAND flash technology
¡E2x5 header, x86 internal USB standard
¡EHorizontal: 2 solutions of 2x5 2.54mm & 2.00mm pitch pin connector
¡EVertical : 2x5 2.54mm pitch pin connector
¡EComplies with Microsoft Vista Ready-BoostR requirements
¡EFixed configuration (not removable)
¡EAdvanced error detection and error correction algorithms
¡EHigh-speed USB 2.0 interface; backward compatible with USB 1.1
¡EHorizontal: Capacities from 128MB up to 8GB
¡EVertical: Capacities from 128MB up to 4GB
¡EPerformance up to 32.0MB/sec

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APRO was founded in April 2004 and has become the leading industrial NAND flash storage products in Taiwan and one of the major industrial NAND flash storage providers worldwide. Headquartered in Taipei County and having over 30 employees, APRO has exceeded quality expectations and performance in the global marketplaces. With professional flash storage technology, expert service team and experience over 10 years in industrial application, APRO is admirable for rugged housing design, optimal solutions, high-capacity, efficiency operation speed, and also reliability.

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