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Part number construction:
Product’s Short
Product Category There are total 20 codes in maximum for each APRO Product’s Part Number No. of code
CFC/AFC CF/ATA Card 20 codes
CFA CFast Card 17 codes
MIF micro IDE Flash Module 20 codes
MSF micro SATA Flash Module 20 codes
MUM micro USB Module 20 codes
MPM/MSM/MSR mini PCI-e/mini SATA Module 17 codes
1.8” / 2.5” SATA SSD 17 codes
UFD USB Flash Disk 18 codes
GDK High Capacity USB Flash Disk 18 codes
SDC/SDH SD/SDHC Card 15 codes
S :  Standard Grade – operating temperature 0º C ~ 70 º C
W :  Industrial Grade – operating temperature -40º C ~ 85 ºC
:The material of case
B :  Bare (without case)
P :  Plastic case
M :  Semi-metal case
R :  Rugged metal case
: Product category
CFC :  CompactFlash Card AFC :  ATA Flash Card
CFA :  CFast Card MIF :  micro IDE Module
MSF :  micro SATA Module MUM :  micro USB Module
MPM :  mini PCIe Module MSH :  mSATA Half Size
MSM :  mini SATA Module MSR :  mini SATA Module
       with SDRAM Cache
8SF :  1.8” micro SATA SSD 8SR :  1.8” micro SATA SSD
       with SDRAM Cache
8SJ :  Slim Lite SATA SSD 8RJ :  Slim Lite SATA SSD
       with SDRAM Cache
2SF :  2.5” SATA SSD 2SR :  2.5” SATA SSD with
       SDRAM Cache
UFD :  USB 2.0 Flash Disk GDKUF :  High Capacity USB
       Flash Disk
SDC :  Secure Digital SDH :  Secure Digital High
   Memory Card    Capacity Memory Card
: Capacity
016M:  16MB 001G:  1GB 064G:  64GB
032M:  32MB 002G:  2GB 128G:  128GB
064M:  64MB 004G:  4GB 256G:  256GB
128M:  128MB 008G:  8GB 512G:  512GB
256M:  256MB 016G:  16GB 001T:  1TB
512M:  512MB 032G:  32GB 002T:  2TB
A :  Alcor (HAMMER Series)
H :  Hyperstone (HERMIT Series)
J :  JMicron (HERMES/BON Series with Fast Erase & Secure Erase fun.)
M :  SMI (HERCULES Series)
E:  ITE (THEMIS Series)
P:   Phison (PHANES)
:Controller version
A, B, C.....  
:Controller Grade
C :  Commercial grade
I :  Industrial grade
:Flash IC
B :  Bare (without case)
P :  Plastic case
M :  Semi-metal case
R :  Rugged metal case
:Flash IC grade / Type
C :  Commercial grade
I :  Industrial grade
M :  MLC Commercial grade Flash IC
:Samsung Flash IC Generation
N :  New Generation
:MIF/MSF/MUM oriented
0V:  40-pin IDE Vertical MIF
0R:  40-pin IDE Right-oriented MIF
0L:  40-pin IDE Left-oriented MIF
4V:  44-pin IDE Vertical MIF
4R:  44-pin IDE Right-oriented MIF
4L:  44-pin IDE Left-oriented MIF
VS:  Vertical Type MSF/MUM
VL:  Vertical Type Low Profile MSF
HS:  Horizontal Type Standard Form-factor MSF/MUM
HL:  Horizontal Type Low Profile MSF/MUM
HO:  Horizontal Type Low Profile with Mounting Holes MSF
:Data transfer rate and disk type
    For IDE (PATA) products is always “F” as fixed disk type. We do not specify “F” for IDE products
AA:  Auto-detected
AF:  Data Transfer mode by auto-detected; Fixed Disk type
AR:  Data Transfer mode by auto-detected; Removable Disk type
PA:  PIO-4 mode; Disk type by auto-detected
PF:  PIO-4 mode / Fixed Disk type
PR:  PIO-4 mode / Removable Disk type
UA:  UDMA-4 mode; Disk Type by auto-detected
UF:  UDMA-4 mode / Fixed disk type
UR:  UDMA-4 mode / Removable disk type
:Casing designing generation
1 :  1 st   Generation
2 :  2 nd Generation
3 :  3 rd Generation
4 :  4 th Generation
4SB :  4 th Generation with Screw Thread
5 :  5th Generation
:Reserved for specific requirement
C :  Conformal-coating