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Module Type SDRAM SO-DIMM SDRAM U-DIMM Low-Profile
Operating Temp -40°C~+85°C
IC Data Rate SDR-133
Width 64 bits
DIMM Data Rate PC133 / PC100
Capacity 128MB / 256MB
Pin Number 144 pins 168 pins
Height 30mm + 0.15mm 21.90mm + 0.15mm
Voltage 3.3V
Single Pulsed RAS-interface Intend for 133 MHz applications
Fully Synchronous to positive CLK edge Auto refresh (CBR) and Self-Refresh
4 banks controlled by BA0 & BA1 Inputs and Outputs are LVTTL compatible
Multiple Burst Read with single write option VDD=VDDQ= 3.3 Volt ± 0.3
Automatic and controlled pre-charge command Serial Presence Detect with EEPROM
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